Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Welcome home, Presidente & Sorella Kelly! You have made us proud. We love you.

Sorella Kelly, when asked about her mission, said it best:

"If at the end of my life, I am told I must give back three years of my life, I better not have to give back these last three years. I'll give back Junior High. But please, please don't make me give back my three years in Italy."



  1. Missionary Photos Wanted for New LDS BOOK!
    Author Mike Winder is working with Deseret Book-owned Covenant Communications on a missionary photo book that will contain inspiring quotes, scriptures, and thoughts to help inspire young people to serve a mission.
    He is looking for amazing missionary photos from around the world. Do you have any favorite pics that evoke emotion (inspiring, humorous, etc.)? Do you have any photos with your companion in front of temples or iconic images (Big Ben, Golden Gate Bridge, Asian pagodas, etc.)? Do you have any showing missionaries in action (service projects, teaching, tracting, baptizing, etc.)? How about funny missionary pics, ones with the Book of Mormon, with food, with kids, or with animals?
    If so, please email a few of your favorite ones to mike@mikewinder.com by July 31. Images must be at least 1MB in size to be published (low resolution images would be too blurry in print).

  2. How can I get in contact with President and Sister Kelly? They were serving over the Italy Rome Mission when I was baptized in Rome, Italy on Sept 23, 2011. I am now serving as a digital missionary in the England London South Mission and I would love to write them. Thanks! -Elder Caruso

  3. Great post! Now, your personalized Priesthood Line of Authority is beautifully laminated featuring the classic portrait of Jesus Christ by the renowned artist Greg Olsen.