Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"I will hasten my work in its time." (D&C 88:73)

This past month has been an exciting time for the Italy Rome Mission. We have welcomed 24 new missionaries to the Italy Rome Mission, hosted Elder and Sister Tad R. Callister (who were in Rome for the reorganization of the Rome Italy Stake Presidency), and are now working through a new round of Zone Conferences. We also had the opportunity to visit Malta, a beautiful island that is part of our mission.

With the surge in missionaries, this is an exciting and unique time to be a full-time missionary. We are so impressed with the new missionaries that have entered the Italy Rome Mission. They are prepared, capable, and full of light. It is such a joy to see them work and grow as they devote everything they have to serve the Lord.

20 New Missionaries from the Provo MTC! May 2013. 

And 4 New Missionaries from the Spain MTC! May 2013. 24 missionaries
in one transfer. Wow!

April 2013. We were blessed to have some of our missionaries taught by
Elder and Sister Tad R. Callister, who were in Rome for the reorganization
of the Rome Italy Stake Presidency. Elder and Sister Callister are  gifted
teachers of the Gospel. Their visit blessed the Rome Mission.

Sweet is the Work. Reaching a Goal is SWEET! We are so
proud of our missionaries who worked hard to acheive
a mission goal. Keep up the great work!

Zone Conference in Sardegna.

Springtime at the Mission Home. Spring is our favorite time of year in Italy!

The Bay of Napoli. A beautiful view from where the Napoli Branch meets.
We were here for the Napoli District Conference in April. 

Elders in the Bari Zone. 

Sisters in the Bari Zone.

Elder Budd Arrives!

The Blue Grotto in Malta

Departing Missionaries. May 2013. We love these missionaries and
are so grateful for their excellent service.  

Sister Missionaries serving in Sicily. 

Sicily Zone Conference. May 2013.

Conference for Sister Missionaries at the Mission Home. 

February 2013. We were so blessed to have a mission tour with
Elder and Sister Kent Richards. Our mission learned so much from them. 

Seven new missionaries from the Spain MTC! February 2013. 
March 2013. New Missionaries from Provo MTC.

Map of Italy in the Mission Home. We use this map when assigning new
missionaries to their first area. 


  1. Thank you for blogging!! Love seeing pictures of These wonderful missionaries.

  2. Sister Stewart, We have really enjoyed having Anziano Stewart in our mission. Thanks for sending us a wonderful missionary!

  3. I love you! thank you for your love. You are great! Ex Anziano Pedreira

  4. What a wonderful day you have their. And thank for sharing this. I'm just drop by and I so you post . Its was so great.

    God Bless!

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